Alert Niranjan- Blackbucks Velavadar

October 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

Nitin Joshi Velavadar BlackbucksNitin Joshi Velavadar Blackbucks


One of my most fascinating visit to Velavadar National Park. How nature creates the brain to react to danger, be it for social animals like human who has got good IQ, or be it for other animals who has different ways of expression.

One such way of expressing the danger and protect the troop which I witnessed in Velavadar cant be forgotten. On seeing the threat from predator, the male blackbucks starts hopping & jumping, giving a alert sign to all the troop members. This was when, one such herd (male & female) where all males got toghether and females came together standing behind the male. Forming the wall and keeping an eye on the predator, the male balckbucks keep giving the alert sign to the troops till they are out of danger.

Nitin Joshi Velavadar BlackbucksNitin Joshi Velavadar Blackbucks


The behaviour can be understood but how it has been created only mother nature knows it well.






Saurabh Agarwal(non-registered)
Amazing shots and story Nitin, for a moment I felt I am standing right beside you looking at these black bucks.. that's just because of the powerful shots these are.
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