B.Pharm & MBA from the urban jungle Mumbai to be inclined towards nature.
I love all forms of life, small or big. Its through photography that I stay connected with these forms of life.

To me, camera is just a machine that replicates photographer’s imagination. Nature inspires photographer, photographer creates an image and uses camera to capture it. Photographs are photographer’s viewfinder to nature.

I have always been inclined towards photography. It took me a while to get into it as photography involves huge investments. Personal commitments and certain priorities made me wait long to actually buy a camera. After buying, It took me another four years to use it in action. My reasons were simple – I wanted to be capable of operating the camera on manual settings to capture images. Also, I didn’t want to take chances with camera operations when at safaris as safaris drain pockets.

As a wildlifer I use photography as a medium to showcase nature’s beautiful progeny, its varied colors and behavior. Of course, I didn’t want my inability to capture a good image and spoil nature’s picturesque manifestations. I have not professionally studied photography. Most of it is self-learning. Contribution from like-minded friends, online videos and publicly available reading material filled in the gaps. Post the initial learning investment, I headed straight to my much dreamt of jungle Jim Corbett.

It has been no looking back since then. I have covered various jungles of India and will continue to do so in future with the sole purpose of displaying nature’s beautiful progeny.

I was destined to be here, albeit late. Life makes sure you get to where your liking is.


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